Evil First

Millions of human beings  are on an adventure to “find God”. Maybe we should search for evil first, after all, it hides in the last place we would ever look. Allow me to explain: The Supreme Being, you may call it God-Light-Allah-Enlightenment-Jehovah-etc is always present, this holy energy created everything around us and it is everywhere right now, at this precise moment.

However, many of us are not able to see it, to feel it, many of us fail to be truly present, myself included. And the main reason we cannot reach this level of Consciousness is not because of its absence but because of the many obstacles that evil puts in our way. This obstacles are our own Ego, our greatest enemy, who wants to survive by blinding us from the Supreme Energy’s blessings.

Picture a room without windows, with a lamp on, but covered with several sheets. The room is completely dark. It is useless to search for the light switch to turn on the light because its already on! What we have to do is take away the sheets one by one to reach the light. That is how i believe the Supreme Energy works. First we have to acknowledge the existence of the Ego, our enemy, and fight the obstacles that it creates to separate us from enlightenment.

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