Feelings/We are at War!

Picture taken by SWD

We must understand that feelings are just the manifestation of our thoughts through the body. We cannot feel sadness without having sad thoughts first, we cannot get angry without having angry thoughts first. Things like Anger, Sadness, Jealousy, Envy, etc are a creation of our minds, of our Ego. The real us, our soul, that sparkling light of our divine creator, is perfect, it’s all positive energy, it’s all Love. When we clear our thoughts and live entirely in the present moment, we reach a level of consciousness that connects us to the real Us. Depression, sadness and negativity cannot survive in the present moment, so your Ego will create thoughts of either your past or future to distract you, to feed itself, and pull you apart from the real you. The human mind is so powerful it can control you completely. The Ego, will make your mind visit the past and bring along two demons: Melancholy of the good times that now you miss, and Guilt of the bad times you regret. The Ego will also make your mind visit the future and bring back two demons: Worry about what could go wrong and False Hope of all the things you will receive because you are sure you are destined to be great.

When you go to war, it is extremely foolish, no matter how positive you are, to believe that the enemy will never attack and that all will be fine. What you CAN do is to prepare the best you can for any eventuality. This is the best way to approach negative thinking and feeling sad. First you must acknowledge that you are at War, you cant win if you don’t even realize you are at War. The Real You vs Your Ego, your Soul vs the part of your MIND the Ego controls. You must observe your own mind and recognize when negative thoughts attack. You must become the Silent Watcher of your thoughts. Once you acknowledge you are at war, you MUST understand that you can control your thoughts. Your thoughts are just that, thoughts, and they cannot harm you. They will only have the power that you give them. If you feed a negative though, it will become bigger and stronger and it will manifest through a negative feeling, making you sad or angry. So, don’t take your thoughts to seriously, recognize the negative ones and say: “Aha! there you are you little shit, attacking me, i will dismiss you and not let you control me, it is I that control you”. Do this and you mind will slowly begin to quiet down, and when that happens you will begin to enjoy the present moment, even if you are just listening to yourself breath or enjoying the feeling of the toothbrush as you brush your teeth. Quiet down your analytical mind and notice how you get closer to true happiness.


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