He Died While He Was Alive

I want the quote “He died while he was alive” written in my memorial when I’m gone.

At the beginning it may sound stupid, but as Oscar Wilde said, “to live is one of the rarest things in the world, most people exist, that is all”. Living and existing are not the same thing at all. To live is to follow our dreams, to feel, to be present, to take risks, to love. This is why we exist, we are all meant for greatness and perfection, the problem is what society and the ego have defined as “great”. It’s not about what we have, or even what we do, but about who we are.

Everyone has a perfect light inside, and if you find it, you will no longer want to “have” so many things. Some people call it soul, God, light, or the real you. What we must understand is that “it” is there and “it” is perfect. It is a treasure deep within us with infinite value and cannot be stolen.

I like to believe I am on the path to finding myself and to be present, I want to live my life to the fullest and die with a smile on my face. When it’s my time to go, whether if it’s tomorrow or in 50 years, I don’t want my friends and family to be sad and cry, nor to ponder on what’s wrong with the world and call it unfair.  I want them to know that I am ok with it and they should be too. Instead of the classic depressing and somber burial I would like them to host a big party in my memory.

Let’s stop suffering for death and start celebrating life. It’s like, my time in this world is done, don’t cry, it happens to absolutely everyone. I don’t want you guys to be sad because I’m gone, I want you guys to be happy because we shared so much. Be happy because I died while I was alive and I’m on my way to a new adventure. Put on some cool music and dance, tell stories that made you laugh, make new friends and get drunk. I will definitely leave a testament to my lawyer with all the party details. I will post an entire blog entry on this party I want them to have, because as one of my favorite musicians once said: “Celebrate we will, cuz life is short but sweet for certain.”

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